From the desk of Steve Newton, Founder and CEO/President:

It’s not so much about what we do, as much as why we do it and why we desire to do it with excellence.

To me passion is something that we are ‘gifted’ with and Media has always been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid. First while in high school visiting the local TV and Radio stations in Seattle where I grew up…on to college, then becoming a Radio DJ, then News Director at the college radio station, on to working at an NBC TV-AM and FM stations. I didn’t realize what my interest would lead to after all those years, but the outcome has been tremendously rewarding and beneficial to so many others.

At Newton Media, I found my niche; a niche that I believe was designed by God. I have been called to do something that is on a global scale using media… it’s challenging, exciting and fun all at the same time.

I started Newton Media 20 years ago this year, because I felt there was an opportunity to provide a better service to clients than what I had observed. What I saw was a lack of integrity, accountability and stewardship, and a lack of effectively helping clients reach their media goals. Certainly this was not true of every agency, but I perceived that a lot of agencies were interested more about themselves than what was in the best interest of the client.

So what we’ve implemented at Newton Media is a philosophy that effectively says:

“We want to help each client reach their media goals and objectives, to be the best stewards we can be of their resources, achieving (ROI) results in the most cost-effective way.”

We take a partnership approach with all our clients. We feel the need to be an integrated part of their media/marketing departments and to be able to ask difficult questions and implement positive changes. We help guide the process from C-Suite level decision making through media planning, implementation and follow up.

We believe in sharing our acquired knowledge about the best media practices, based on our years of experience. That has benefited many of our clients and saved them a lot of money and headaches.

We offer accountability by providing daily media reports and analytics to show clients how each program has performed. We can show them what program offers get the best response and what ones don’t, and take action. We use Rentrak viewership data to know where our audiences are, who they are, and how they are engaging with our programs. Media reports also show us how each station, network and time period is performing: numbers don’t lie, but there may be other reasons as well. Because of our background in Direct Response TV we strongly believe in quality content and compelling offers that make for good programming and positive media results.

We have developed long term positive relationships with hundreds of media and industry leaders that have become very important to us. These relationships have enabled us to negotiate lowest spot and long-form program rates. This combined with our Catalyst Airdate Management System (CAMS), provide over 20 years’ worth of data on media and response rates that help us identify the best media outlets and time periods for our clients.

What makes Newton Media different? We care. We care about stewardship and accountability, to provide unparalleled client service and measurable results, and helping our clients reach their media goals and objectives.

Our team of experienced professionals based at our headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia and in our branch office in Dallas, Texas are ready to serve you.