Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m interested in working with Newton Media. How do I begin?

Just call our Media Director, Janet Burke, at 757-547-5400 or email with your name and company info.

2. What does Newton Media offer that’s unique?

Unmatched service and expertise. We’ll manage your campaign with you from beginning to end. That includes research, purchasing media, using our analytics process to determine campaign effectiveness, and tracking all results. And we’ll make recommendations along the way to ensure you minimize risks and seize every possible opportunity.

3. What can I expect from Newton Media while my campaign is running?

Daily reports that thoroughly breakdown results. Your account manager will review all applicable data to measure ROI or cost per donor and analyze campaign strengths and possible risks.

4. How long should my media campaign last?

There’s no one right answer. Some marketing campaigns are ongoing. Other cause or event-based campaigns are much shorter. Our experts will analyze your situation and then recommend a course of action specifically tailored to your situation.

5. What if my budget isn’t big enough to use one of the mediums, like TV?

At Newton Media, there’s no “one size fits all” solution and no such thing as a “minor” account. Regardless of budget, our team invests itself in our clients’ projects, goals, and successes. We pledge our knowledge, experience, expertise, and network of influence to ensure that each and every media campaign, modest or comprehensive, gets our best ideas, our sharpest deals, and clearest focus for the best results.